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Business in Italy: Why


italy business


Strategic geographical location

Italy is located in the south of Europe and is one of the key players in EU (European Union). Italy holds a strategic position in the Mediterranean, that puts it at the centre of the European economy; it has today about 60 million inhabitants.


Leading international position

Italy ranks among the top industrial countries in the world:

  • it ranks 9th for its GDP (over 2,000 billion euros),
  • it ranks 9th for its total exports (over 500 billion euros)

Italy’s very diversified economy relies on its industrial sectors; it is the fifth manufacturer in the world. Italy also benefits from membership in several groups of the wealthiest economies, including the Group of Eight (G8).

Competitive advantages:  dynamic and productive country

  • Euro Member (free trade with the whole of EU)
  • High living standards
  • Premium manufacturing skills
  • Leading production in the premium or higher value-added segments, often bringing together technical expertise with an aesthetic value
  • High level of creativity and innovation as well technology
  • Skilled workforce


Grants and incentives

For specific investments in Italy there are various types of subsidies and tax relief aimed at supporting companies. These can be granted by the EU, the State and the Regions.