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Investment Key Sectors


why invest in italy

Electro-mechanical sector. Italy ranks in the second position in the EU in the electro-mechanical sector; the largest contribution comes from the industrial machinery sector, which confirms its role as the mainstay of the Italian economy’s model of international specialisation. Specialised industrial machinery to general-purpose mechanical equipment are businesses with a strong tendency to take-overs, joint ventures and technology transfer. According to the TRADE PERFORMANCE INDEX (by the UN and WTO), the Italian mechanical sector holds second place after Germany in the classification of the major exporting countries.


Tourism. Italy is well known for its remarkable artistic, historic, cultural and natural heritage; it is also internationally acclaimed for its excellent wine and food.

The country offers huge potential for investment opportunities in hotels, resorts, leisure facilities, shopping centres and restaurants.


Agro and Food Processing Industry. The Italian culinary tradition is appreciated all over the world; for this, food processing industry is one of the most attractive sector for parties wanting to invest or draw up collaborations with local partners.


Real Estate. Italy is one of the few countries in the world where the majority of population own their homes. Investors in Italy have traditionally operated in the real estate market because of its high living conditions in many areas. It is also the perfect country to buy your holiday home. Italy is famous for its tourist attractions ranging from natural beauties to historical cities. Experts suggest that the demand for real estate properties will continue to rise in the future mainly due to the underlying demand from both local and foreign sources.


Fashion and luxury

The most active fashion and luxury industry in the world is found in Italy. In addition to a few large trademarks, the sector is characterised by a large number of small and medium enterprises.


Life sciences and Chemical industry. Italy has a long and well established tradition of production and research in the life sciences and in the chemical sectors. In recent times, these sectors have grown thanks to a mix of public and private financing, that allowed to set up parks and incubators.


Private Equity. in Italy private equity is still a relative underdeveloped sector: Italian economy is based on SMEs that now need strong intervention in equity, in order to face international competition.